Concrete Services Company in Tyler, Texas

Find the best concrete service company in Tyler, TX. Commercial and residential concrete services. We do sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and complete concrete construction. Call, (903) 245-0024.

Parking lots

We build custom concrete parking lots in Tyler, Texas.

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Commercial Concrete Services in Tyler, TX

Glez CCC LLC, offers an array of concrete commercial services in the Tyler, Texas.

Residential Driveways

We build residential driveways for any type of home site.

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Why should you work with us?

There is a million reason why you should work with us. Here is 9 great reasons you should work with Glenz CCC!
Fast Turnaround

We work fast and efficiently to save you time and money.

Best Quality in the industry!

We use the best materials in the industry.


Our team of experts are responsible and hardworking. They don't stop until they get it right.

Bonded and Insured

Just in case something goes wrong, we are bonded and insured.

25+ Years Experience

We have 25+ years of experience in concrete construction services.

Friendly Staff

You get to speak directly with the company owner from the start to finish.

We build huge parking lots.

High Tech Design

We follow blueprints to the tee! We can work with your architect and engineer. We follow custom specifications.

Stripping Services

Glenz ccc uses top of the line products for our pavement applications.

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We build awesome  driveways!

We create custom driveways for commercial and residential properties.

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Our Work

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality work, delivered in the most professional fashion possible.
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